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February 16, 2016

Tags: healing, nurturing, nesting, mindful, meditation, winter, creativity, art, painting

Sometimes, we all need a break. Life can rise up and give you a big shove, when and how you least expect. In my case, the shove came with a directive. Rest, gather, nest and then create!

I've taken a break from my writing for a while to tend to other cauldrons. Meanwhile, I've been collecting my thoughts, being quietly observant and creative in different ways like cooking, and making art.

To that end, I also started a new website dedicated to my art. At the moment it just shows a single body of work but more will soon follow, as I see fit.

If you'd like to check it out, take your cup of herbal tea and mosey over for a spell. See how I'm translating my words into visual form.

The new website is called Artist - Stephanie Rose Bird and the link is below the painting above.

Until then...


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