Stephanie Rose Bird

Welcome to my lair

I'm so glad you stopped by today. This website is a place designed to be relaxing and inspirational. Most importantly, it is where you can sit back and contemplate matters of the spirit.

Go ahead and make yourself comfortable, as you visit the different spaces designed to deepen your understanding of my creative muse. Grab yourself a cup of herbal tea, and prepare to be transported. My books will take you into different worlds and ways of thinking, through the power of words.

It is here that I share my literary projects, new developments, insights and plans. Be prepared to go into the spiritual realm, forged by engagement with the Earth, and a deep reverence for Mother Nature.

Hoodoo, Wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit

My newest, soon-to-be-released Hoodoo guide for daily practice.
Wellness/Health, Pagan/Wiccan
How Earth Rituals, Goddess Invocations, Incantations, Affirmations and Natural Remedies Enhance Any Weight-loss Plan 
Mind, Body, Spirit/African American
A Healing Grove explores the holistic health benefits of trees of the African diaspora.
Paganism/African American Spirituality
Learn how sticks, stones, roots and bones can bring magic into your life.

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