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Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss: How Earth Rituals, Goddess Invocations, Incantations, Affirmations and Natural Remedies Enhance Any Weight-loss Plan

A Day of Goddess-centered Spirituality at Life Force Art Center

Cerrwiden’s Pig: Shifting and Personal Transformation
Goddess Spirituality - Welsh
Saturday Workshop and Ritual

Cerridwen is a very important Celtic Mother Goddess from Wales. She is an adept herbalist who brews an infinite cauldron of knowledge. Important for us in our weight-loss journey, is her fluidity and ability to change her appearance. At will, Cerridwen can change herself, shape- shifting into different forms—one of her favorites is that of a white sow or female pig.

Pigs represent good fortune and spiritual enrichment. Cerridwen possesses creativity and deep knowledge. She is a source of inspiration and brings luck and good fortune with her, wherever she goes. In this workshop, we will pay homage to Cerridwen’s many attributes by working her energies through a special project symbolic of her, made from handmade clay.

Saturday June 3, 2017; 1-6 pm (with hour dinner break), $95 early bird registration by May 30, 2017, after that, $125. Flat fee includes supplies and signed copy of "Earth Mama Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss."

Contact for further information and registration:
Joan Forest Mage
Artistic Director
Life Force Arts Center
1609 W. Belmont Av.
Chicago IL 60657

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Anna Sui Hand Black Mirror
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Eclectic Paganism

Saturday, July 8, 2017; 2 - 5 pm
$125/$95 early registration by June 29, 2017
Cost includes supplies and signed copy of Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

So much of what we put in our mouths arises from a stress-filled mind. If we slow down, tap into the bounty of nature, listen to the ancient wisdom of the aboriginal people, it is possible to lose weight, joyfully and then keep it off. In this series of workshops based in her new book Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss, author Stephanie Rose Bird presents prayers, invocations, rituals and ceremonies to use along the path of transformation.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, is a workshop wherein you will learn how to engage with the vision of the Goddesses and other helpful spirits, deities and beings, in the journey toward metamorphosis and self-transformation. Mirrors are the object featured in legend, lore and fairytale because they possess age old magic. They are attributed to spiritual beings like: Venus, La Sirene, Hathor, Tezcatlepoca and Ezili Freda. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall invites students to embrace the beauty around and within us. This workshop asks attendees to look deeply within themselves to inspire their outward beings, with an eye towards how they want to be in the future.

In this workshop, you will create a mirror, befitting the image of who you want to become, inspired by goddesses, orishas and lwas of beauty, such as Oshun and Aphrodite. This ornamental mirror is suitable for aiding your magickal work or for adding to an altar of the appropriate god or goddess of your choice. After the mirror is completed, you will draw a self-portrait, created through vision quest and scrying in the magical mirror, using a variety of art materials.

Please bring a small hand mirror that can be held with one hand. Students should dress comfortably and be prepared for messy work, possibly bringing a smock or art shirt.

This is the second workshop in the series Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss. Click here for the first workshop, Cerridwen's Pig (June 3, 2017)

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