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Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

So much of what we put in our mouths arises from a stress-filled mind.  If we slow down, tap into the bounty of nature, and listen to the ancient wisdom of the aboriginal people, it is possible to lose weight, joyfully and then keep it off.  "Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight-Loss" presents prayers, invocations, rituals and ceremonies to use along the path of transformation.  "Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight-Loss" fills in gaps western approaches to dieting leave.  This is a gentle supportive guide to a dense collection of healing wisdom from around the world, which emphasizes the integration of the mind, body and spirit, cherished by our ancestors.

About the Book
This is the first book to merge ancient wisdom, indigenous healing practices and contemporary earth-based spirituality to augment weight-loss. This book covers a broad range of topics and introduces approaches to weight-loss from across the globe. One thing it is not is another diet book. Who needs one? "Earth Mama’s Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss" is an easy-to-follow, hands-on guide, complete with recipes, rituals and prayers. This book focuses on western and nonwestern approaches to healing and advises readers to identify underlying issues behind obesity. These approaches include Chinese Medicine, East Indian Ayurveda, Native American and African practices, Herbalism, and Earth-based Spirituality. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques useful in losing weight and keeping it off are explained thoroughly.
"Mama Earth’s Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss" is useful for all levels of experience with alternative health and earth-based spirituality. In this dense book, you will find:
1. Tips for using indigenous earth wisdom to build your own support circle, altars,
ritual space and ceremonies
2. Botanically-based recipes for tranquil baths, cellulite control creams and oils, mood- -balancing floral sprays
3. Indigenous plant, berry and nut identification, harvest and preparation
4. Vitamin and mineral-rich herbal tea blends that detoxify the body, improve elimination, decrease water retention, strengthen the system, suppress appetite and soothe nerves. 
5. A guide to nutritional, supportive foods and nutritional supplements like enzymes and minerals.
6. The supportive role of naturopathy, nutritionists and therapists in lifestyle changes.
7. At-home, homemade spa treatments to mark the important milestones along the journey.
8. The book concludes with creative ways you can celebrate the new you without food.
9. Earth prayers, meditations, mudras and mantras to support your journey.