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The Blogging Author

Announcing Motherland Herbal: The Story of African Holistic Health

What can I, as the author say about Motherland Herbal: The Story of African Holistic Health? Well, I could wax on but here's the skinny.


This book has been years in the making! It is a culmination and expansion of my previous works. It's book number 10! Now though, for those who desire various methods of engaging with books, there are also audiobooks, e-books, French translations, and Kindle versions. Even though this makes two hands full of books, I still have plenty more to put into words and images. Speaking of images, this book brings together unique, hand-rendered spiritual interpretations of healing herbs, depicted in a way that is designed to transport you into the alluring world of plant medicine.


Here is what the publisher, HarperOne an imprint of HarperCollins says about it:


"In this powerful and comprehensive guide in the spirit of Jambalaya and Sacred Woman, an herbalist celebrates ancient and modern African holistic healing."


I've been pregnant with these words for a long, long, time and I'm eager to ease into birthing mode. Now is the final push, to get this beautifully rich and timeless book, into your hands.