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2017 release on magick, spirituality, transformation and weight loss
So, here we are, almost halfway through the year. Can you believe it? I can't. At the same time, I'm so happy that in this year of 2017, my newest book has been released to the public, Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss, through Green Magic Publishers. The book echoes my personal struggles with obesity and shares ways I've found useful to helping me along my journey toward becoming more fit. This journey has been hellish, hence the long time the book has taken to come to fruition. I've had ups and downs and many challenges along the journey, and its not fully realized - I still struggle with my weight.

As a visual artist, healer, shaman and hoodoo, I have brought out this book that melds the different practices in a way I hope will be useful. This is not a memoir, though it has elements of personal memoir in it. It is a guide, for you and for me. Losing weight and keeping it off, is a monumental and at times gut-wrenching endeavor. During the course of the book I lost 50 pounds but at different times in the course of the writing, I have regained weight, though now I am losing again.

The regaining of the weight gave me pause but also ideas. I realized that I am not in this journey alone and nor are you. Together, we can reach out to various gods, goddesses, and ascended spirits, by doing rituals, ceremonies, building altars and sacred objects, and we can be empowered, strengthened and lightened. Read More 
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Making Progress

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I never thought I'd write so many books. Number 6, "Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss" will be published in May, by Green Magic Publishing. Blessed Be! This book focuses around my lengthy, unending journey towards wellness and health. It shows how earth rituals, goddess invocations, incantations, affirmations and natural remedies enhance your weight-loss plan. I share my story of how I've employed alternative health to augment my journey and have numerous tips from around the world in the area of earth-based spirituality designed to help you.

I'm having fun with its birth. I've been putting together a series of workshops and book readings. As things develop, I'll share more. So far, I have a definite series starting in June at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago. That is the perfect venue; directed by a prominent shaman, it is filled with ever-changing art exhibits and it is a place where many rituals and ceremonies take place. I will be updating my Events page here, as more events in other venues are confirmed, so check in regularly.

I've been working on my 365 Days of Hoodoo book for Llewellyn, as well. It has gone through many manifestations and changes over the years I've been working on it. It looks like I'm back to the drawing board, as I'd gotten a bit off track.

Writing is sometimes like weeding a garden. You have to prune and weed out things that pop up on their own, if they take the overall growth pattern in too different a direction. This being, for the overall health of the book.

So book number 7;
Let it be blessed;
Let it be lucky;
Let it be helpful, to you, my readers.
Blessed Be!

As it is above, so it is below.
So mote it be!
I say and think this:
Three times, three times, three. Read More 
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Horse Shoe Facing Upwards for Good Luck!
OM-Goddess! On Martin Luther King's Birthday, I have finally and I do mean finally, finished my 6th book, "Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss."

This book began about 14 years ago. I received that final clarity and push I needed, from the wisdom and dream of Martin Luther King and all of his prophetic thinking!

The "Earth Mama's Spiritual Guide to Weight-loss" is due for publication in early May. It is being published by Green Magic Publishing in England!

Stay tuned, for upcoming workshops, events, readings, media appearances, and shops carrying the book.

More soon.  Read More 
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